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70 ton Demag/Hydraulik Oil Hydraulic
Rail Bound Forging Manipulator Re:24382


We are offering this Manipulator either in "As is" condition or completely Rebuilt, Upgraded and Modernized with all aspects being fully rebuilt and all systems installed brand new. Some of the depictions in the photo display are showing the design of what the Manipulator will look like after the rebuild program is completed.

Rebuilding, Upgrading and Modernizing the Manipulator will consist of the following:

1.) Increase carrying capacity to 70 tonnes (154,000 lbs)
2.) Install a complete new hydraulic system
3.) Install complete new electrical system to customer's country standards
4.) Install complete new controls to customer's country standards
5.) Rebuild and/or Retrofit the hydraulic cylinder
6.) Install all new piping and fittings
7.) Install a New lubrication system
8.) Install a New hydraulic drive motor to customer's country standards
9.) Rebuild and/or Retrofit the Drive reducer
10.) Rebuild and/or Retrofit the Main frame
11.) Rebuild and/or Retrofit the Peel Shaft
12.) Rebuild and/or Retrofit the Tong Clamps
13.) Rebuild and/or Retrofit the Drive chain and rails
14.) Install all New bearings
15.) Supply (1) set of Jaw Assembly for 75" diameter ingots
16.) Supply complete service drawings in 2D & 3D
17.) Supply complete maintenance drawings in 2D & 3D
18.) Fully clean and paint to Customer's requirement
19.) Assemble and test without load
20.) Export packing
21.) Inland trucking
22.) Loading onto the shipping vessel

Rebuilding time from start to completion is 5 months from receipt of initial payment.

Forging Manipulators
Lift tons
71.7 tons
65 tonnes
Demag Hydraulik / 150M-T
Demag Hydraulik / 150M-T
Max Rds
78.7 "
2,000 mm
Min Rds
13 "
330 mm
9.8 "
250 mm
Ref #:
Model Number
Parallel vertical stroke
59.1 "
1,500 mm
Vertical tilt of tongs - Up
Vertical tilt of tongs - down
to floor
to floor
Rail Centers
165.4 "
4,200 mm
Max turning circle of fully opened tongs
120.1 "
3,050 mm
Peel rotation speed
23 rpm
23 rpm
Peel Lifting and Lowering Speed
4.7 "/sec
120 mm/sec
Parallel Side Shift Speed
3.1 "/sec
80 mm/sec
Total Main Electric Motor Power
708 hp
528 kW
Travel Distance
66 feet
20 meters
Net weight
745,162 lbs
338,000 kgs
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