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New Mech Forge Presses

TrueForge is the exclusive representative of J&H Press of South Korea.

J&H designs and builds high quality machinery for the Forging Industry including up to 8,000 ton Mechanical Forging Presses. We can provide you with an offer for 600 to 8,000 ton New Mechanical Forging Presses both in Manual and in Automated configurations. Please review the information below.

Double Drive Type Forging Press

Designed & built by J&H Press of South Korea, 
J&H offers these presses with the following characteristics & features:

1.) Fully Annealed Cast Steel Frames w/Tie Rods & Large Cross Sections, frames are
      (1) piece to 1,600 tons, (2) piece to 3,500 tons & (3) piece 4,000 tons and above.
      Note: (3) Piece Frames for 3,000 – 3,500 ton presses are available on special request
2.) Automated QC Tooling Packages & Fully Automated Robotic Transfer designs available
3.) Upper and Lower Punch and Die Knock-Out Systems provide greater flexibility
4.) Heavy Duty Rams with Motorized Ram Servo Adjustment for ease of operation
5.) Hydraulic tie-rod nuts prevent over-load deformation & will solve a lodged-ram incident by
       utilizing a simple, yet effective, pressure release feature
6.) Double Con-Rod ram design utilized in 1,600 ton + presses provides extra wide pitmans
       and gives your Maintenance Dept easy Ram Removal Procedures for inspection
       & clearance settings all of which maximizes up time
7.) Thermal (heat) Bearing Sensors are installed at all critical location points
8.) Tool lifting packages, Load Monitors & billet auto loaders/unloaders
9.) Either Installation assistance or a Full Installation Package by J&H is available
10.) A Full one year warranty from Start-Up on your floor is included as standard on all machines
11.) "That'll work" prices and delivery times no other company can compete with (No Kidding)!

Please view the following pages which show the many design features of J&H Mechanical Forging Presses. Thank you for your consideration.

New Mechanical Forging Presses

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