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About TrueForge

TrueForge Global Machinery Corp.

Used Machinery

TrueForge is a stockist specializing in buying and selling Machinery used within the following industries:

  • Forging Machinery
  • Cold Bar Processing
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Mill Equipment
  • Rolling Mills - individual or entire installations
  • Machine Tools
  • Heavy Tube & Pipe
  • Heavy Fabrication
  • Power Generation
  • Extrusion Presses

You will find 100's of machines within these categories while browsing throughout this TrueForge Web Site.

New Machinery

TrueForge represents several World Class Designer/Builder companies who manufacture some of the finest new Forging Machinery available anywhere in the World as follows:

New Mechanical Forging Machinery

1.) Mechanical Forging Presses up to 8,000 metric tonnes

Features of and services offered for our Mechanical Forging Presses

• Fully Annealed Cast Steel Frames w/Tie Rods/Large Cross sections
• Automated QC Tooling & AutoRobotic Transfer designs
• Upper & Lower Punch & Die Knock-Out Systems add flexibility
• Heavy Duty Rams w/Motorized Ram Servo Adjustment
• Hydraulic tie-rod nuts prevent over-load deformation
• Thermal (heat) Bearing Sensors at all critical location points
• Double Con-Rod Ram design results in extra wide pitmans
• Tool lifting packages, Load Monitors & auto loaders/unloaders
• Installation assistance or full installation packages available
• A full One Year Warranty from Start-Up on your floor is standard

2.) Single & Double Crankless Trim Presses up to 1,300 metric tonnes capacity
3.) Precise Progression Knuckle Joint Presses up to 1,600 metric tonnes capacity
     Note: Often used for Coining, Embossing, Sizing and Thick Plate Blanking
4.) Mechanical Bar & Billet Shear Lines w/Remote Controls up to 1,300 metric tonnes capacity
5.) Various types of Press Tooling including Die Sets, Die Holders, Q.D.C. Clamping Devices, Die Lifters, etc.

A full One Year Warranty from Start-Up on your floor is standard

New Ring Production Machinery

1.) Hydraulic Radial/Axial Ring Rolling Machines up to 8,000mm diameter with emphasis on Profile Ring production
2.) “Ring Rolling Process Software Control” HMI System.
     Note: This soft-ware control is designed to operate all processes & is specifically suited to controlling the speed of rolling/centering and the speed of the DC-Motor in relation to the individual machine specification and the final size of the ring being rolled.
3.) Ring Blanking and Piercing Presses to 6,000 tonnes
4.) Slew Ring Flattening Presses to 6,000 tonnes

A full One Year Warranty from Start-Up on your floor is standard

New Hydraulic Forging Machinery

1.) 4-Column Push-Down Open Die Forging Presses to 16,000 tonnes
2.) 2-Column Push-Down Open Die Forging Presses to 6,000 tonnes
3.) 4-Column Pull-Down Open Die Forging Presses to 18,000 tonnes
4.) 2-Column Pull-Down Open Die Forging Presses to 18,000 tonnes
5.) 4-Column Push-Down Closed Die Forging Presses to 65,000 tonnes
6.) Rail Bound Forging Manipulators to 300 tonnes carrying capacity
7.) Double Action Presses to produce Tank Ends to 8,000 tonnes
8.) CNC Flow Forming Machines both Horizontal & Vertical diameters to 5mtrs & lengths up to 12mtrs (Reverse or Forward Forming)

A full One Year Warranty from Start-Up on your floor is standard

General Info:

We are familiar with and comfortable dealing in international markets. Over the years we have built, a worldwide network of partners and contacts enabling us to source or to sell machines in most any part of the world.

Being familiar with machines designed and built outside USA, we have an understanding of their value and marketability as well as where to find them and where they can be placed for a sale.

A large part of the Machinery and Equipment that we sell is from our own inventory which has either been moved to storage or is still installed at the original plant site. Our inventory is not only located in USA, but is spread over various parts of the world.

We are also experienced in conducting On-Site Liquidations for customers who wish to realize the maximum from their surplus when time is not a factor. These Liquidations can be individually tailored and negotiated to fit the needs of every customer. Please contact us regarding this service. 

Financing can be arranged for single machines or very large projects for any industry category.

TrueForge can repair, Retrofit, Rebuild and/or Upgrade any Forging Machine. All Brand New Electrics, State of the Art Controls & Lubrication & Pneumatic Systems can be installed! Please ask about these services.

Our services are also available for Dismantling, Packing and Shipping on any piece of Machinery, Manufacturing Line or Entire Plant Site to any location in the world. Package prices delivered to the location of your choice will be negotiated on request.

The Machinery and Equipment on our Web Site is only a partial listing of what is available in each category. If you do not find what you are looking for then click on the I Need Machines link on this page and fill in the information. We will conduct a worldwide search to find the machines that you need.

If you are interested in selling one machine, a package of machines or an entire plant then click the "Sell your Surplus" link on this page and fill in the blanks. Any information given to us will be held in strict confidence. Furthermore, we will contact you immediately for discussions on just how TrueForge can help you achieve your goals with the machinery you have declared surplus to your requirements.

Essentially we are interested in knowing about any surplus machinery you have for sale now or that may be declared surplus to your organization within the next 6 to 12 months. Since we are stocking dealers, we will most likely approach you for discussions on the possibility of TrueForge purchasing your surplus machinery and equipment.

Our web site is updated on a daily basis with new machines being added all the time. In addition, you will always find Featured Items as well as a TrueForge Wanteds list representing various machines we are currently looking for at the request of specific customers.

Click the Join our List link to join our customer list for mailed brochures, or emails or the Sign up for Notifications & Updates field above. In this way you will be kept up to date on the latest machines that are coming to market but only in the categories in which you have an interest.

Thank you for visiting our Web Site. We hope that you find it easy to use and navigate as well as useful and appropriate for your requirements.

TrueForge Global Machinery Corp.
P.O. Box 318
Rockville Centre, NY 11570
516-825-7040 – Telephone