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1,800,000 Tpy Mini Mill produces both
Slab and Hot Rolled Coils Re:25925


This is a fully working Mini Mill from Scrap Melting to finished product.

It was designed to produce two separate products and incorporates the use of three (3) Casters to do so. The products and Casters being used are as follows:

1.) Hot Rolled Coils up to 1560mm wide x up to 16mm thick in 28 ton coils.

It uses two SMS 55mm CSP straight bending type Casters to feed the Rolling Mill to produce the Hot Rolled Strip from 900mm (35.4") to 1560mm (61.4") wide in thicknesses from 1.4mm (0.055") to 16mm (0.630") in 28 ton coils.

2.) Slabs up to 250mm thick

It uses the third Caster which is a Sumitomo 210mm Vertical Bending single strand Slab Caster for the purpose of producing Slabs up to 250mm thick.

This is a complete Mini Mill consisting of a fully equipped Melt Shop with (2) 150 ton EAF's, (2) 150 ton LF's and (3) Casters. The Casters are fed by (2) 260 ton Ladle Turrets and a 28 to 30 ton Tundish utilizing a Funnel Mold.

A Soaking Pit for additional heating and a High-Pressure Water Descaler are utilized enroute to the 4-Hi 6-Stand Rolling Mill which processes slabs from the SMS 55mm CSP straight bending type Casters to the desired thickness for finishing into 28 ton coils.

A Laminar applies inner and outer cooling. A Dual Rewinder/Coiler System then winds cooled strips into coils, a Skin Pass Mill Stand packages temper rolls and products, an Equalizer (EQ) packages products after rolling and shaping then onto the Coiling System which puts out the 28 ton coils.

It is important to note that this Mini Mill is designed with "CEM Process" capability known as Compact Endless Casting & Rolling. This feature is incorporated when producing Hot Strip into Coils. It is an innovative process used to integrate the Casting & Rolling processes in a single manufacturing line and is used to achieve Endless or Continuous production through the Key Technologies of High Speed Casting and Inline Rolling by Direct Process Linking.

The Mill is fully installed and a video showing the operation is available for viewing. A Live video tour of the Mill may be arranged on request .

Please view the component list below.

Mini Mills
1,984,160.4 tons
1,800,000 tonnes
Slab + Strip in Coils
Slab + Strip in Coils
Caster type
Curved & Straight
Curved & Straight
150 ton x (2)
150 ton x (2)
150 ton x (2)
150 ton x (2)
Rolling Mills
4-Hi 6-Stand
4-Hi 6-Stand
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Line Component List:

1. (2) 150 ton NKK Japan EAF's - type D.C. / EBT ea w/a 185 ton scrap charging volume

2. Auto Temp Measuring Machine

3. Oxygen Lancing Machine

4. EAF Gunning Machine

5. (2) 5.9M Ø x 6.9M H Scrap Charging Buckets

6. (3) Scrap Charging Bucket Transfer Cars

7. 260 ton EAF Tapping Ladle Transfer Car

8. (2) 150 ton NKK Japan – type A.C. Ladle Furnaces (LF's)

9. (2) 260 ton L/F Ladle Transfer Cars

10. (2) 4-Line L/F Wire Feeding Machines

11. Ladle Slag Skimming Machine

12. Casters for Only HR Coil production: (2) (Twin Caster) SMS 55mm CSP straight bending type 3 mtr Casting Radius Casters used for Coil production of up to 1,000,000 Tpy of HR Coils

13. Caster for only Slab Production: Sumitomo 210mm Vertical Bending single strand Slab Caster, 8 mtr Casting Radius. Capacity is up to 250mm thick Slabs and using this Caster production of Slabs is 600,000 to 800,000 Tpy.

14. (3) Pure Oxygen Ladle Preheater systems

15. (11) 150 ton Ladles

16. (2) 170.5 mtr (559 ft) long Roller Hearth Swivel Furnaces

17. SMS 580 ton Emergency Shear / Descaler / Edger

18. SMS 4-Hi 6-Stand Finishing Rolling Mill - 12.6 m/s throughput speed

19. (6) Siemens 7000kW motors powering the Rolling Mill + (1) new spare motor

20. Siemens Symadyn D / SL150 Finishing Mill Drive System

21. IMS Measuring House (thickness & width)

22. Primetals SIAS Measuring House (Surface Inspection System)

23. SMS Laminar Cooling System w/Siemens Controls

24. (2) SMS Downcoilers w/max mandrel Ø of 762mm

25. Sample Shear w/Conveyor up to 1600mm width x up to 16mm thickness

26. (3) Toshiba Roll Grinders including Roll Transfer feature

27. Polishing Stone Changer – Pneumatic type

28. SMS designed Hydraulic Chock Changer

29. SMS designed Hydraulic Chock Tilter

30. SMS designed Hydraulic Chock Changer

31. (433) Rolling Mill Rolls w/Chocks

32. Hot Final Line with Layout, Telescope Corrector, Inner Ø Banding & Outer Ø Banding

33. Kobe Steel Skin Pass Mill 930mm to 1600mm width x 1.4 to 6.5mm thickness

34. Equalizer (hydraulic & pneumatic)

35. (2) 260/70/10 ton overhead Cranes with 23M span and 31 mtr lift

36. (2) 175/50/15 ton overhead Cranes with 28.2M span and 28 mtr lift

37. (2) 60,080 kVA EAF Transformers, 60hZ Freq, each weighs 72,000 kgs

38. 20,000 kVA Ladle Furnace Transformer, 60hZ Freq, weighs 43,100 kgs

39. Berthold LB452, LB6760, r-ray Source (CO-60) Mold Level Control System

40. (2) 28 Chamber NKK Reverse Filter Bag Dust Collectors

41. (2) Water Jacket type NKK Reverse Water Cooling Chambers

42. Double Suction Booster Fan w/1400kW (1877 hp) motor drive system

43. NKK Booster Fan type Dust Bunker & Pelletizer w/120㎥ Dust Bunker capacity

  • Still installed and underpower