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Takang TKV-860HT CNC Twin Spindle Vertical Turning
Center, max swing 39.4", 50hp per spdl, 2015, Re:25888


 We have two of these available, Re:25888 & 25889. Both were new in 2015, both are in Excellent condition and each machine has only 3,400 cutting hours per spindle. Both come with many extras.

They are currently in production and both will be released in July 2022.

Vertical Boring Mills / Vertical Turret Lathes
Tbl Dia
36 "
914 mm
39.4 "
1,001 mm
31.9 "
810 mm
CNC Vertical Twin Spdl Turning Ctr
CNC Vertical Twin Spdl Turning Ctr
Ref #
Fanuc OiTD
Fanuc OiTD
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Additional information as follows:

Max. Cutting Diameter: 31.50" ~ 39.90"

Max. Swing Diameter: 39.37"

Max. Cutting Length: 33.85" (860mm)


Spindle Motor (FANUC aP40): (2) 50hp Alpha P40 2-Speed Gearbox Motors

Spindle Speed Range: 10 - 1,500rpm

Max Chuck Diameter: Installed 31.5" 3- Jaw Hydraulic Chucks

Spindle Nose: A2-11

Front Bearing Diameter: 7.87"

Spindle Bearings: Double Row Cylindrical and Angular Contact

Spindle Speed Selection: Direct RPM Programming

Spindle Speed Override: 50% ~ 200%

Speed Range Shift: 2- Speed Gearbox Programmable High-Low Range

Axis Drives

X Axis Travel (FANUC a22/3000i AC 4.0 HP): 18.31"

Z Axis Travel (FANUC a22/3000iB AC 5.0 HP): 33.07"

X Axis Thrust Force: 2,950 lbs

Z Axis Thrust Force: 3,170 lbs

X Axis Ballscrew Diameter/Pitch: 1.57" / 0.47"

Z Axis Ballscrew Diameter/Pitch: 1.97" / 0/47"

X & Z Axis Rapid Traverse Rate: 630 IPM

Feedrates: 0.00001 ~ 18.18 IPR

Feedrate Override: 0 ~ 200%

Cooling System for Ballscrews (to minimize expansion): Forced Oil Turret

Turret Type: V12

Max Number of Tools: 12 per spindle

Curvic Coupling Diameter: 11.42"

Clamping Force: 12,590 lbs

Indexing Time (station to station): 0.7 sec

Standard Turning Tool Size: 50mm / 1.25" x 1.25"

Max. Boring Bar Size: 2.0" & 2.5"

Machine Electric: 85 KVA Transformer

Hydraulic Motor: AC 1.5 kW

Slide way Lubrication Pump Motor: AC 20w

Coolant Pump Motor: Turret (SPK2-8/8; 57 psi/ 8 gpm): AC 550w

Coolant Pump Motor: Wash (CHK4-60/2; 14 psi/31.5 gpm): AC 620w

Machine Light: AC 100v - 20w


Hydraulic Tank: 10.6 gal

Slideway Lubrication Tank: 1.59 gal

Coolant Tank: 118 gal


Height: 13.3' (160.0")

Floor Space Requirement: 8.0' x 9.0' (96.0" x 108.0")

Weight: 63,934 lbs.

Auto Open/Close Splash Guard: Chip Conveyor (Rear Discharge)              

Chuck Cylinders: Chuck Open/Close Direction Change (key switch)

Chuck Open/Close Confirmation (Prox. Switches): Memory Protect Key Switch

One Color Signal Tower: Chuck Open/Close (Push Button)

Cycle Completion Alarm & Light: Door Interlock

High Pressure Coolant (57 psi): Mounting Plates and Leveling Screws

Multi-tap Transformer: Tool/Work Counter on Screen

Spindle Orientation: High Pressure Coolant 120 psi

Preparation for Quick Tool Setter: Halogen Light

Tool Holder Set as Follows:                                                               

*All Available Installed Tool Holders and Options                                      

Chipblaster 2000 PSI  System Installed

 Key Options are Confirmed on Each Machine!

 2-Speed Gear Box!

 Sandvik or Kennemetal Quick Change Adapters are Included


2- 31.5" 3-Jaw Chucks  Installed on Machine. 2-20k+ Options  Installe

2-  Rear Discharge Lift-Up Chip Conveyors

2-Automatic Power Doors

Coolant Tanks and all Pumps Installed with 2000 PSI High Pressue Features

2-Speed ZF-Gear Box Motors    20k  New Option Installed

Chipblaster 2000 PSI Unit Installed  20k New Option! Installed

  • Exceptionally fine condition