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Takang TKV-860HT CNC Twin Spindle Vertical Turning
Center, max swing 39.4", 50hp per spdl, 2015, Re:25888


 We have two of these available, Re:25888 & 25889. Both were new in 2015, both are in Excellent condition and each machine has only 3,400 cutting hours per spindle. Both come with many extras.

Vertical Boring Mills / Vertical Turret Lathes
Tbl Dia
36 "
914 mm
39.4 "
1,001 mm
31.9 "
810 mm
CNC Vertical Twin Spdl Turning Ctr
CNC Vertical Twin Spdl Turning Ctr
Ref #
Fanuc OiTD
Fanuc OiTD
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Additional information as follows:

Max. Cutting Diameter: 31.50" ~ 39.90"

Max. Swing Diameter: 39.37"

Max. Cutting Length: 33.85" (860mm)


Spindle Motor (FANUC aP40): (2) 50hp Alpha P40 2-Speed Gearbox Motors

Spindle Speed Range: 10 - 1,500rpm

Max Chuck Diameter: Installed 31.5" 3- Jaw Manual Chucks

Spindle Nose: A2-11

Front Bearing Diameter: 7.87"

Spindle Bearings: Double Row Cylindrical and Angular Contact

Spindle Speed Selection: Direct RPM Programming

Spindle Speed Override: 50% ~ 200%

Speed Range Shift: 2- Speed Gearbox Programmable High-Low Range

Axis Drives

X Axis Travel (FANUC a22/3000i AC 4.0 HP): 18.31"

Z Axis Travel (FANUC a22/3000iB AC 5.0 HP): 33.07"

X Axis Thrust Force: 2,950 lbs

Z Axis Thrust Force: 3,170 lbs

X Axis Ballscrew Diameter/Pitch: 1.57" / 0.47"

Z Axis Ballscrew Diameter/Pitch: 1.97" / 0/47"

X & Z Axis Rapid Traverse Rate: 630 IPM

Feedrates: 0.00001 ~ 18.18 IPR

Feedrate Override: 0 ~ 200%

Cooling System for Ballscrews (to minimize expansion): Forced Oil Turret

Turret Type: V12

Max Number of Tools: 12 per spindle

Curvic Coupling Diameter: 11.42"

Clamping Force: 12,590 lbs

Indexing Time (station to station): 0.7 sec

Standard Turning Tool Size: 50mm / 1.25" x 1.25"

Max. Boring Bar Size: 2.0" & 2.5"

Machine Electric: 85 KVA Transformer

Hydraulic Motor: AC 1.5 kW

Slide way Lubrication Pump Motor: AC 20w

Coolant Pump Motor: Turret (SPK2-8/8; 57 psi/ 8 gpm): AC 550w

Coolant Pump Motor: Wash (CHK4-60/2; 14 psi/31.5 gpm): AC 620w

Machine Light: AC 100v - 20w


Hydraulic Tank: 10.6 gal

Slideway Lubrication Tank: 1.59 gal

Coolant Tank: 118 gal


Height: 13.3' (160.0")

Floor Space Requirement: 8.0' x 9.0' (96.0" x 108.0")

Weight: 63,934 lbs.

Auto Open/Close Splash Guard: Chip Conveyor (Rear Discharge)              

Chuck Cylinders: Chuck Open/Close Direction Change (key switch)

Chuck Open/Close Confirmation (Prox. Switches): Memory Protect Key Switch

One Color Signal Tower: Chuck Open/Close (Push Button)

Cycle Completion Alarm & Light: Door Interlock

High Pressure Coolant (57 psi): Mounting Plates and Leveling Screws

Multi-tap Transformer: Tool/Work Counter on Screen

Spindle Orientation: High Pressure Coolant 120 psi

Preparation for Quick Tool Setter: Halogen Light

Tool Holder Set as Follows:                                                               

*All Available Installed Tool Holders and Options                                      

Chipblaster 2000 PSI  System Installed

 Key Options are Confirmed on Each Machine!

 2-Speed Gear Box!

 Sandvik or Kennemetal Quick Change Adapters are Included


2- 31.5" 3-Jaw Chucks  Installed on Machine. 2-20k+ Options  Installed

2-  Rear Discharge Lift-Up Chip Conveyors

2-Automatic Power Doors

Coolant Tanks and all Pumps Installed with 2000 PSI High Pressue Features

2-Speed ZF-Gear Box Motors    20k  New Option Installed

Chipblaster 2000 PSI Unit Installed  20k New Option! Installed

  • Exceptionally fine condition