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Nickel Based Alloy Pdts Morgardshammer 22" 3-Hi Reversing
Bar Rolling Mill w/Roller Bearings & Tilt Table Re:25555


This 3-Hi Reversing Mill will accept up to 8" dia Billets and has rolled pdt down to 2" square & round bars. Some of the sizes and number of passes utilized for various typical products rolled are listed below.

It runs one stand at a time but it has four stands; one Cogging and three Rolling Stands each being set for different sized products.

It is driven by a 790kW (1,059hp) ASEA DC drive with large Gearbox.

Roll dims: 22.2050" dia x 70.8660" face x 113.1500" total length
Rough Roll (pre-machined) weight: 9,514 lbs
Finished Roll (post machined) weight: 8,910 lbs

The Mill is equipped with Spherical Roller Bearings, Tilt Table and Powered Screw Downs which enable adjustment while the Mill is running.

Typical Rolling Reduction Procedures w/listed materials that have run on this Mill are as follows:

1.) 6-1/2" Sq to 2" Sq in both (19) & (21) passes rolled on - U-718, U-901, D-979, A-286, Ni-80, Ni-90, Waspaloy, M-252, X-750, U-625 & UDHX

2.) 6-1/2" Sq to a 4.110" Sq in (13) passes rolled on - U-718, U-901, D-979, A-286, Ni-80, Ni-90

3.) 6-1/2" Sq to 5-1/4" Sq in (6) passes rolled on M-252

4.) 5-1/4" Sq to 3.930" Sq in (6) passes rolled on M-252

5.) 3.930" Sq to 2" Sq in (7) passes rolled on M-252

6.) 6-1/2" Sq to 4.54" Sq in (10) passes rolled on M-252, Waspaloy, U-718

7.) 4.54" Sq to 2" Sq in (11) passes rolled on M-252, Waspaloy, U-718

Flying Screw technique is used on the Mill to adjust the top roll while the material is being rolled in the bottom pass and vice-versa. This reduces delay between passes to minimize heat loss from the billet, thereby saving a reheat.

Condition is Excellent having been very well maintained.

Still installed this Mill is available for
immediate inspection & delivery at NorthEast USA Plant Site!

Included are three sets of spare Rolls - one set is Brand New - Never Used.

Also included is a large complement of Spare Parts.

Bar / ReBar Mills
Mx dia
6.5 "
165 mm
Mn dia
2 "
51 mm
Mill Type
Nickel Based Alloy 3-Hi
Nickel Based Alloy 3-Hi
Mx Billet
8 "
203 mm
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