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4,500 ton Sumitomo TFPX-4500L with 500mm stroke,
1300mm SH, AC Servo transfer system, 2004, Re:26067


This 4,500 ton press is a Mechanical Forging Press with a sophisticated Transfer System designed to produce L4 Crankshafts, CVT Pully shafts, movable, Gears, and Connecting Rods all for automobiles. It is still set up and Available for inspection.

Mechanical Forging Presses
Forge tons
4,960.4 tons
4,500 tonnes
Sumitomo / TFPX-4500L
Sumitomo / TFPX-4500L
19.7 "
500 mm
51.2 "
1,300 mm
Bed LR
90.6 "
2,300 mm
Bed FB
82.7 "
2,100 mm
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Additional info:

Capacity: 45000kN (on bottom dead center, at 5mm)
Allowed eccentric load: 45000kN (at 360mm from left-right direction center )

Allowed eccentric load: 20000kN (at 720mm from center )

Allowed eccentric load: 45000kN (at 70mm from front-back direction center )

Shut height: 1300mm
Stroke: 500mm
SPM: 43(constant)

Maximum number of operations: 20tpm (design Max. 24tpm)
Maximum operations energy: 66kN-m (at 20tpm)
Slide hard plate: 2000mm(LR) (center part max. 2280mm) x 2100mmFB)

Bed hard plate: 2300mm(LR) x 2100mm(FB)
Frame inside: 2400mm(LR)
Side opening: 1460mm(FB)
(Adjustment of shut height)
Adjustment method: eccentric wrist pin swing system

Push button operation in operation panel

Adjustment: 10mm
Adjustment during automatic operation: max.0.9mm/1shot (at 20tpm)
AC inverter motor 355kW 1150rpm 400V
Resistance regeneration system
Equipped thermo guard
(Slide knockout)
Type: connection stick operation type, timed knockout
Capacity: each 5ton (1st step), each 20ton (2~4 step)
Stroke: 50mm

The number of pins: 4 (1~4 step)
Overload safety equipment: equipped stretch bolt
(Bottom knockout)
Type: upper limit retention equipped cam type timed knockout Capacity: each 30ton (1~5 step), total 120ton
Cam: 40, 100mm (2-step change type)
Cylinder (hydraulic drive): max. 160mm (1~3 step)

max. 100mm(4 and 5 step) Upper limit retention force: each 0.5ton(1~5step)

The number of pins: 5
Overload safety equipment: Hydraulic overload protector under operating at 120 ton or more
Frame respiratory volume(shut height expansion amount): target 3.2mm, guaranteed 3.3mm(at center load)
(Transfer feeder)
AC SERVO motor control
3-dimensional feeder(Separate front and rear drive type)
The number of steps: 5
Feed stroke: 360mm, 432mm(2-step change)
Grab stroke: one side 80~130mm(variable)
Lifting stroke: 60~250mm(variable)
SPM: 12~20spm(variable)
Feed direction: from left(brake side) to right(clutch side)
Slight SPM: 5spm
Material supply method: continuous, single-handed feed, two-handed feed
Max. feed weight: weight 30kg, total 90kg(single-handed feed)
Max. feed weight: unit weight 8kg, total 48kg(continuous feed)
Operation method: transfer master type (feeder continuous, press intermittent operation)
AC SERVO motor: Fanuc, total 10units
Overload detecting: deviation and motor torque management type

Grab stroke, Lifting stroke, max. SPM varies depending on the products. Each stroke has an offset function of the following figures.
Feed: 5mm, Grab and Lifting: each 10mm

Overload detecting equipment
Center feed bar automatic detachable device
Feeder mistake clamp detection device
(Charger equipment)
Charge equipment body: by AC SERVO motor drive, Reciprocation type
Inlet charge conveyor: chain drive, conveyor width(2-step change type)
Conveyor outlet shoot: bird cage type
The number of conveyors: (1line:for CVT, 1line: gear): shoot position change type Vertical feed change equipment: cylinder cutting out type, billet guide
Robot hand for Inlet side horizontal feed: chain drive
(Die lubricating device)
Moving Nozzle
- Slide interlocking nozzle(equipped with reciprocating motion)
-Stroke: 1050mm
- Adjustment of lubrication volume: by timer (operation panel)
- Adjustment of lubrication timing: rotary encoder setting (operation panel) -Pump: 75L/M x 2 units
Moving Nozzle tip nozzle head: 3units (for crank, for movable, for gear)
Die holder side fixed nozzle
Air blower
(Billet size)
Horizontal work
Dia. 40~100mm, Length 200~490mm, Max. weight 30kg
Vertical work
Dia. 40~90mm(40~60mm, on two operation), Length 200~490mm, Length L/D=1.4~2.0, Max. weight 8kg


Compressed air: 0.5MPa~0.7Mpa, consumption 1900Nm3/H

Cooling water: 0.2MPa~0.3MPa, Temp.: 5~35 °C, 12m3/H

Industrial water: 0.2MPa~0.3MPa, Temp.: 5~35 °C, 6m3/H

(Power supply)

Main motor: 3 phase, 400V±10%, 50Hz

Auxiliary motor: 3 phase, 200V±10%, 50Hz

AC SERVO motor: 3 phase, 200V±10%, 50Hz

Inlet robot: 3 phase, 200V±10%, 50Hz

Control: 100V, 50Hz