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32" x 60" Clausing CNC 2-Axis Flat Bed MultiTurn,
7000SC w/Siemens 828 controls, new 2020, Re:26133


This CNC late model Lathe has never been put into production. The company that bought it lost the job it was purchased for while it was being manufactured and never found a use for it thereafter and decided to sell it.

Lathes - All Types
32 "
813 mm
60 "
1,524 mm
Model #
MultiTurn CNC 7000 SC
MultiTurn CNC 7000 SC
CNC Lathe
CNC Lathe
Ref #
Max Swing over the GAP
43.7 "
1,110 mm
Siemens 828
Siemens 828
Spindle Bore diameter
4.1 "
104 mm
Spindle Speeds, 3 Ranges
26-224, 225-670, 671-2000
26-224, 225-670, 671-2000
Bed width
18.9 "
480 mm
Tailstock Quill diameter
4.1 "
105 mm
Tailstock Quill travel
12 "
305 mm
Rapid Traverse, X-Axis
315 ipm
315 ipm
Rapid Traverse, Z-Axis
394 ipm
394 ipm
Main drive motor
25 hp
19 kW
Machine length
165 "
4,191 mm
Machine width
88 "
2,235 mm
Machine height
88 "
2,235 mm
Machine weight
9,921 lbs
4,500 kgs
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Additional specs:

  • 4” color screen
  • CNC user memory 10MB
  • USB, CF card, RS232 data transfer
  • Acceleration with jerk limiting
  • Dynamic servo control in the drives
  • Advanced position control
  • Tool lifetime monitoring
  • Measuring system and spindle pitch compensation
  • Friction compensation
  • Motion synchronized actions
  • Asynchronous subprograms
  • SINUMERIK CNC programming language with high-level language elements
  • DXF reader
  • Program guide
  • Technology cycles for turning
  • Shop Turn machining step programming
  • CNC Simulation for turning (3D)
  • Context sensitive on board help system
  • On board signal, bus and network diagnostics
  • On board maintenance and service tools
  • Work zone limiting
  • Nodding Compensation Nodding compensation is used to compensate dynamic position deviations that occur when machine axes accelerate. This improves machining quality, and at the same time, allows higher jerk and acceleration values to be reached.

    Siemens 828 Control SC Series Machines

    User-Friendly Equipped with a full QWERTY CNC keyboard with short-stroke keys and a high resolution 10.4” color display. The 828 control is extremely easy to operate. Equipped with USB, CF card and RJ45 interfaces at the operator panel CNC data can be quickly and easily transferred.

    Precision Siemens drives compute with high-performance 80-bit NANO accuracy. This eliminates rounding errors and results in an extremely high internal computational accuracy in the complete controller circuit.

    Clausing Multi-Turn CNC7000 Machine Features 

    • Highly versatile flat bed design lends itself to a wide range of applications including job shops, tool rooms, educational facilities, shaft production and low to medium production runs.
    • Headstock spindle, shafts and gears are made of high grade alloy steel, hardened and precision ground for higher speed operation with less heat and noise generation.
    • Superior headstock lubrication with an external electric oil pump ensures a long life of spindle bearings and gearing.
    • 09” Spindle Bore D1-11 camlock spindle 26-2000 RPM
    • Anti-friction PTFE material between saddle and bed greatly reduces friction and has superior dampening properties to reduce chatter during machining cycles. The low friction PTFE minimizes bed wear and extends the life of the machine.
    • Heavy-duty cast iron bed ways are induction hardened over 50 Rc to a minimum depth of 0.060 inch.
    • Extra wide 18.9" bed maximizes support for the saddle and cross slide assembly for smooth machining of even large components. Heavily ribbed construction ensures very high torsional stiffness, eliminating bed deflection even during heavy roughing cuts. 
    • Variable AC spindle drive provides 20Hp (Continuous) and 25Hp (30 Min Rated) for exceptional machining power.
    • Three-range headstock allows full horsepower to be reached at 64 rpm allowing more efficient machining of large components or of harder materials such as stainless and tool steels.
    • Automatic central oil system with low oil alarm maintains proper lubrication to slide ways and ballscrews.
    • Digital AC servo drive system provides powerful and accurate axes positioning.
    • Optional eight station automatic indexing turret with VDI 40 tooling provides flexibility with quick changeover and set-up. A wide range of turning and boring toolholders are available to meet the requirements of most any job.
    • Optional quick-change tool post allows an unlimited number of tools to be used and eliminates interference problems with idle tool stations. The compact nature of the quick-change tool post also increases the maximum turning capacity.
    • Fully enclosed work area with 2 interlocked doors for clean and safe work areas.
    • Front roll-out chip tray provides easy and efficient chip removal.

  • 09” Spindle bore w/D1-11 camlock
  • Automatic lubrication system for slide ways and ballscrews
  • Coolant system
  • Fully enclosed, interlocked guarding
  • Front removable chip pan
  • Work light
  • Leveling blocks
  • Machine operating manual
  • Accuracy chart
  • Toolkit
  • Standard 230 or 460 3 Phase (other voltages require a transformer or special order)

Chucks and Workholding Equipment

PBA 21” 4-Jaw Chk w/Hard Top & Master Jaws

6.5” bore              

Quick Change Toolpost

Aloris Quick Change Toolpost with 5 holders1-1/2” Tools


Cross slide width



Type of cross slide ways



Bed width



Depth of bed



Type of bed ways

V and flat way


Spindle nose



Spindle bore

4.09 (104mm)


Spindle front bearing I.D.



Speed ranges automatically selected



Spindle speeds - low range



Spindle speeds - medium range



Spindle speeds - high range



Spindle drive

Variable AC


Spindle motor BiIP40 (Cont/30 min)

20/25 Hp


Min spindle speed for full power

64 rpm


X-axis rapid traverse

315 ipm


Z-axis rapid traverse

394 ipm


X-axis thrust (continuous)

1,464 lbs.


Z-axis thrust (continuous)

2,196 lbs.


X-axis ballscrew

25 x 4 mm


Z-axis ballscrew

40 x 8 mm


Turret disc diameter



Tooling type

VDI #40


Number of stations

8 or 12


Turning tool shank size

1” x 1”


Max boring bar