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26" dia x 59" length Mori Seiki NT4300DCG
1500SZ Heavy CNC Multitasking Lathe Re:25687


New in 2009, loaded with extras and in Excellent Working condition, this sophisticated CNC MultiTasking Lathe may be inspected under power and is available for immediate inspection and delivery!

Lathes - All Types
26 "
660 mm
59 "
1,498 mm
Mori Seiki
Mori Seiki
Model #
NT4300DCG 1500SZ
NT4300DCG 1500SZ
Heavy CNC Multitasking Lathe
Heavy CNC Multitasking Lathe
Ref #
Fanuc 31i A5 w/dialog system MAPPS III
Fanuc 31i A5 w/dialog system MAPPS III
Machine length
255 "
6,478 mm
Machine width
117.3 "
2,980 mm
Machine height
118.1 "
3,000 mm
Machine weight
58,643 lbs
26,600 kgs
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Additional info:

Control: Fanuc 31i A5 with dialog system MAPPS III 
Screen: 15 inch LCD color monitor
Turning length mm: 1.498
Turning diameter f. Tool spindle mm: 660
Turning diameter f. lower turret mm: 350
Rapid traverse tool spindle X, Y, Z,, m / min: 50,30,50 Rapid traverse lower revolver: X, Z m / min .: 30 Rapid traverse counter spindle m / min .: 30
Tool spindle
X travel mm: 750
Y travel mm: ± 210
Z travel mm: 1,500
B-travel degree: ± 120
Tool system: Capto C6
Speed spindle rpm: 12,000
Drive power spindle kW: 22
Lower turret
X travel mm: 195
Z travel mm: 1.525
Number of tool slots St .: 10
Powered Tool Stations St .: 10
Speed driven tools RPM: 6,000
Drive power driven tools kW: 5.5
Main spindle
Speed spindle rpm: 3,000
Drive power spindle kW: 22/18,5
Torque max. Nm: 1,000
Spindle hole D max. mm: 105
Counter spindle
Speed spindle rpm: 3,000
Torque Nm: 1,000
Drive power kW: 22
Movement, smallest increment, degree: 0.0001
Coolant system
Tool magazine w/100 tool places for Capto C6 for tool dia up to 70mm, up to 140mm w/o adjacent tools
Tailstock function of the subspindle
Renishaw Automatic measuring system for measuring the workpieces
Linear scales on the axes X1, X2, Y, Z1
Air blow subspindle
Footswitch main spindle
3-jaw chuck on main & subspindle Forkardt QLC 400-126
Tool measurement manually with measuring arm
3-colored signal lamp
Oil cooler for main and subspindle
AI-Contour Control II with RISK processor
Data server for network connection
Tool compensation for 5-axis simultaneous machining (TCP)
Tool life monitoring
Customer Macro B
10 additional M functions
Automatic shutdown of the machine
Tool monitor to monitor the tools by controlling power consumption of the spindle Variable thread pitch
600 macro variables
Storage capacity 512MB
Basic machine dimensions & weight
Length: 6,478mm (with chip conveyor)
Width: 2.980mm (with tilted control panel)
Height: 3,000mm (including signal lamp)
Net Weight: 26,600 kgs (58,520 lbs)

  • Still installed and under power
  • Exceptionally fine condition