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1,676mm dia x up to 16 mtr lengths x up to 80mm
Wall Thickness JCO Line Pipe Production Plant Re:24960

JCO "U"ing & "O"ing Mills
Max O.D.
66 "
1,676 mm
Max W/T
3.1 "
80 mm
Max length
52 feet
16 meters
Type of Line
JCO Line Pipe Line
JCO Line Pipe Line
Pipe Spec
API 5L. 2B.X-80, Mild steel
API 5L. 2B.X-80, Mild steel
Yearly Output
77,161.8 tons
70,000 tonnes
Ref #
Asian Built
Asian Built
Year built new
2008 to 2010
2008 to 2010
Max Edge Milling Machine width
208.7 "
5,300 mm
Min Edge Milling Machine width
43.3 "
1,100 mm
Pre-Bending Equipment Force
JCO Press tonnage rating
11,023.1 tons
10,000 tonnes
Press Controls
JCO Press length
846.5 "
21,500 mm
JCO Press width
74.8 "
1,900 mm
JCO Press height
511.8 "
13,000 mm
#1 Calibration Press Force
3,306.9 tons
3,000 tonnes
#2 Calibration Press Force
3,858.1 tons
3,500 tonnes
End Facing Machine diameter (max)
63 "
1,600 mm
End Facing Machine diameter (min)
15.7 "
400 mm
End Facing Machine length (max)
629.9 "
16,000 mm
End Facing Machine length (min)
196.9 "
5,000 mm
Max End Facing Machine W/T capacity
2.4 "
60 mm
Max Hydrostatic Tester diameter capacity
66 "
1,676 mm
Max Hydrostatic Tester length capacity
16 "
406 mm
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In depth information for each Line Component:

1. Edge Milling Machine
Width: 1100-5300mm
Max.weight: 16ton/sheet
Thickness: 6-80mm
Length: 5000-16000mm
Bevelling figure:X,Y.Z
Capacity: 6.8~20tmm (on the basis 2.1m/min)
30~40tmm (on the basis 1.1m/min)

2. Pre Bending Equipment
Type: Two side step bending
850 tons x 2 heads
Bending speed: 6~15minutes/pipe (on the basis of 16m pipe)
Pressing cylinder:400mm diameter , 65 stroke, 2set
Bending range: 100-300mm
Max operation pressure: 300kg/cm2
Pressing speed: 6.5mm/sec
3. 10,000ton JCO PRESS
Asian built - new 2009
-CNC controls
-Self-check mode
-Two side cylinder adjustment -Bottom die sag control
-Ram down: 70mm/sec(Adjustment) -Ram up: 60mm/sec(Adjustment)
-Ram pressing: 1-7.2mm/sec(Adjustment) -Ram return: 30-70mm/sec(Adjustment) Motors
-Main*2ea: 200KW.6P
-SUB*2ea: 110KW.6P
-Pilot*1ea: 22KW.4P
Hydraulic pumps
- Main *2ea
-Main Power: AC 440V -Control: AC 220V
-Hydraulic Quantity: 16000liter
(Loading and unloading) -Auto positioner ball screw
Press dimensions: 21500x 1900x 13000mm(Height)
(Mold part)
-Mold die: 362x1270x16200mm
-Mold housing: 368 x1156 x16160mm -Round bar die: 170.5 x230x 3230mm -GIB:32.25 X 236 X1794mm
-Round bar: 130mm diameter x 2,980mm - Round bar: 130mm diameterx2980mm -Round bar: 130mm diameterx 1,800mm - Center die(1): 194x200x2307mm
-Lifting cylinder: 100mm diameter x30mm -Upper mold: 116x120x1462mm
(Feeding and lifting capacity)
-Feeding capacity: 16 tons
-Diabolo roll: 380mm diameter
-Power Jack: 60mm diameter. stroke 300mm
4. Calibration presses
(3000 ton)
-Main cylinder: 860mm diameter x1200stroke, 2 set -Sub cylinder: 240mm diameter x1200stroke, 2 set -Operation pressure:260kg/cm2
Ram speeds:
down 100mm/s, pressing 4-6mm/s, up 120mm/s –
Hydraulic pump: 250KW x6 p, 1set
(3500 ton)
-Main cylinder: 1300mm diameter x500stroke, -Mold sift time: 20minute
-Calibration cycle time: 10minute/pipe
(on the base 1016mm dia. x25tmm x12m pipe) -Operation pressure: 290kg/cm2
-Ram speed:
down 180mm/s, pressing 5-10mm/s, up 200mm/s -Hydraulic pump: 210KW x6 p, set
5. End facing machine
-Dia.400mm x1650mm
-Thickness: 60mm
-Beveling angule: 22.5,/30,/37.5/45/90 -Type: bite cutting
-Outside diameter: 16inch-66inch
-Pipe material:Mild steel, SS400, API RX80 -Length: 5-16m
-Power: 150KW DC, 2set
-Pipe yield strength: Max.550N
-Pipe tension strength: Max 672kgf -Material hardness: Max.Hs:72
-Pipe weight: 16ton
-Body movement:s ervo mortor
-Cutting speed: 0.1~0.6mm/rev.
-Travese feeding speed: Max. 0.6mm/rev -Spindle movement: AC 3.0KW
-Hydraulic unit: 22KW 140kg/cm2
(Pipe disposition tolerance on condition) -Pipe out diameter: D 1.0% under
-Pipe straight line: L 0.1% under
-Pipe light angle: N-3mmm under
(Pipe cutting on condition)
-Pipe in side: 50mm bead cutting
-Pipe bead condition: High 0.2mm under (Pipe produce specification)
-Pipe root face: 1.6 plus minus 0.8mm
-Pipe straight line: 1.0mm
-Intensity of illumination: Max 50S -Parallelism: 1mm
(Manufactured apperance)
-Plane: I -cutting
-Out bevel: Y-cutting
(Air pressure)
-Max.7kg/cm2 normal 6kg/cm2
(Cutter body traverse)
-Traverse stroke: 300mm
-Traverse servo motor: AC SERVO MOTOR (Pipe clamping system)
-Type: pipe 6-jaw clamping
-Clamping diameter: 400-1650mm
6. DWTT(Drop Weight Tear Test)
-Way of test: free -drop way of striker
-Capacity: 14700-102900Joule
-Weight of striker: Base 1250kg(weight 250kg x5=1250kg) -Fall height of striker: 1.2-4.2m(variable)
Fall guide of striker: Hard chromium column
-Elevation equipment of striker: motor
-Operated winch
-Rease equipment of striker: electromagnet
-Shock absorbing equipment: oil press of special design shock absorber 120KJ
7. Hydrostatic tester
-Max. test pressure: 256kg/cm2
-Test range:outside diameter 16-66inch -Length: 5-18m
-Water feed pump: 110KW 2set
-High pressure pump: 50KW 2set -Max.torrence tension: 4500ton -Pressure holding time: 5-15 second test
8. Automatic ultrasonic tester
-32 channels
-Pulse hz:0.6-5KHZ(adjustment by as much 0.1KZ)
-Pulse delay: 0-1000 micro second(adjustment by as much 1 unit) -Receiver(gain: 0-60dB, adjustment by as much 0.5dB)
(Frequency range:0.4MHZ-30MHZ) -Seam racker
-Defect marking system
-Water pump and recovering system
9. Automatic Radiographic test -Real tine X-ray
-Max, 225KV
-Output: 4mA/0.64Kv
-Pipe movement: Rail type -Check speed: 5-60mm/sec

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