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12,000 ton LOEWY-HYDROPRESS Heavy-Duty
Water Hydraulic Extrusion Press w/Mandrel System for
producing hollow parts such as Heavy Walled Pipe, Re:25675


Note: The Water Hydraulic Pumps that supplied the Press are not included as they are part of a larger Hydraulic System which supplies several other Presses.

The Press comes complete with the following:
• All Valving
• Prefill and Atmospheric Tanks
• All related piping
• All existing Entry and Exit feed tables
• A Track-Mounted Action model 2860 Billet Manipulator installed next to the Press.
Note that the manipulator needs some new valving and manifold as well as some linkages to be 100%.  The control system is still intact and the standalone Hydraulic Unit that accompanies the Manipulator will also be included.  Hydraulic schematics and the drawings to fabricate all of the components needed on the boom and head are available. The Manipulator has a working Carrying Capacity of 6,000 lbs fully extended but is rated at 10,000 lbs.
• Complete Electrical System including all Control Cabinets installed new in 2013
• PLC Controls including the Operator Console Pulpit installed new in 2013
• A large assortment of available spare parts
• All existing documentation including manuals, electrical and hydraulic schematics, foundation drawings, etc.

Additional info:
There is an existing Furnace installed next to the Press that could be available at additional cost as a separate item. It is an O’Brien and Gere Pulse Fire Box Furnace with an external footprint of 28’ Wide x 22’ Deep x 27’ Tall.  Inside Dimensions are 22’ Wide x 11’ Deep x 9’ Tall. If interested then we will provide a separate offer for the Furnace. The Furnace was installed new in 2012.
In 2013 the Press was rebuilt and upgraded at a cost of over $3,500,000. USD. The Press Containers were rebuilt, all valves were rebuilt with new wear components, all brass was replaced for the container and rams and the Runout Table, the Quench System and the Kick-Off Rack were all rebuilt. Container Heating, Velocity and Tonnage control were all improved and a New Chop Saw was installed. Finally, all new PLC Controls and Control Pulpit were installed.

After this work was done, the press only ran through the end of 2014 and was shut down due to excess manufacturing capacity in the plant.

The Press has been very well maintained and is in Excellent working condition.

It was used to produce materials such as Duplex, Super Duplex, Nickel Alloys, Titanium Alloys, 300 Series Stainless, 400 Series Stainless, 9 Chrome (aka P91) and Carbon Steel.

In addition to pipes it also made an array of shapes.

It was last used to produce heavy pipe up to 508mm (20") diameter and up to 50.8mm (2") wall thickness.

On some diameters products were extruded up to 70 feet long and then Saw Cut to length.

It is located at a Southern USA plant, is immediately available, and may be shown under power in case of serious interest!

Extrusion Presses
13,227.7 tons
12,000 tonnes
Steel Tubular Sections & Pipe
Steel Tubular Sections & Pipe
Bllt Ø
26 "
660 mm
Ref #
Main Ram Stroke
160 "
4,064 mm
Min Billet Dia
14 "
356 mm
Press Length
126 feet
38 meters
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Additional info:

Press rated tonnage capacity as follows:
  7,938.3 tons - only utilizing the Main Cylinder
  4,412.8 tons - only utilizing the (2) Lateral Side Cylinders - 
12,138.8 tons - utilizing the Main and the (2) Lateral Side Cylinders together

Billet size:
  max diameter  -  26.0" (660.4 mm)
  min diameter  -  14.0" (355.6 mm)
  max length  -  65.0" (1,651 mm)

Press Rams:
Central main ram cylinder tonnage rating  -  8,000.0 tons
Central main ram cylinder diameter  -  68.687" (1,744.6 mm)
Main ram stroke  -  160.0" (4,064.0 mm)
Lateral auxiliary side cylinders tonnage rating x (2)  -  2,000.0 tons each
Lateral side Rams diameter x 2 (each)  -  35.812" (909.6 mm)
Lateral side ram stroke  -  160.0" (4,064.0 mm)
Pullback Rams diameter x 2 (each)  -  19" (482.6 mm)
Pullback ram stroke  -  160.0" (4,064.0 mm)

Mandrel Rams:
mandrel ram tonnage rating  -  511.0 tons
mandrel ram diameter  -  17.5" (444.5 mm)
mandrel ram stroke  -  65.0" (1,651 mm)
mandrel return ram tonnage rating x 2 (each)  -  250.4 tons each
mandrel ram diameter each  -  12.25" (311 mm)
mandrel return ram stroke  -  65.0" (1,651 mm)
Container Rams:
container ram tonnage rating x 2  -  418.5 tons each
container ram diameter  -  19" (482.6 mm)
container ram stroke  -  69" (1,752.6 mm)
container extend rams tonnage rating x 2  -  60.1 tons each
container extend rams diameter x 2  -  12.25" (311 mm)
container extend rams stroke  -  69" (1,752.6 mm)
Side cylinder Boring diameter for cylinder bushings:
Outside diameter: 1,450mm
Inside diameter: 915mm
Length: 5.6 meters
Weight: 29 tons
Side Ram dims:
Outside diameter: 910mm
Length: 5.3 meters
Weight: 18 tons