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1" to 3" Roll Forged Steel Grinding
Ball Production Plant - Re:25672


This Hot Roll-Forged Steel Grinding Ball Production Line has been sold & is no longer available!

This automated plant produces Rolled Steel Grinding Balls from selected carbon and alloy steels depending upon the customer specification. Sizes vary from 25mm to 75mm with hardness’s up to 739 Brinell. A special feature of the manufacturing process is the computerised quench facility giving uniform surface hardness and controlled cross-sectional hardness essential for very even wear. In many cases it is possible to tailor Ball Specs to meet the precision requirements of the customer.

Maximum Output is approx 3.5 tons per hour depending upon ball size.

This Company has developed a global reputation for producing high quality grinding media for fine grinding and pulverising crushed minerals such as cement and coal.

The major advantage of ball rolling compared to traditional forging is the uninterrupted grain flow.

Hot Forge Upsetters
3 "
75 mm
HRB Corp Roll Forged Steel Ball Plant
HRB Corp Roll Forged Steel Ball Plant
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Equipment list is as follows:

Reheat Furnace & Extraction

Heavy Ball Rolling Mill

Specialist Computerized Quench Facility

Spare parts & Drawings

Toolroom Equipment & Mill Roll Lathe

Maintenance & Toolroom Equipment including a CNC Roll Cutting Lathe, a Shaper, Twin Wheel Grinder, and various Spare parts and Consumables including Mill Knives, etc.

A Comprehensive Range of Drawings & Technical Documentation

  • Available for immediate inspection and delivery
  • Still installed and under power for inspection
  • Exceptionally fine condition