TrueForge Wanteds

The listings on this page are machines that we are currently looking for at the request of specific customers. Fill out the form on the Sell Your Surplus page on this site to inform us about machines that are surplus to your requirements. We will contact you shortly after receiving the form. Thank you for visiting our site.

Fastener/Cold Forming Machinery

  1. National Model 1250 5 or 6-Die Cold Parts Former.
  2. National Model 201 Hi-Speed Cold Ball Heading Machine.
  3. Asahi Okuma AOT-12XL HS Long Stroke 2-Die 2-Blow Transfer Header.
  4. DSSD Cold Header with at least 1" (25.4mm) dia capacity and 12" (300mm) under head length.
  5. 7/8" x 8" 4-Die Boltmaker Nedschroef or National.

Mill Equipment

  1. Aluminum Foil Rolling line for Hi-Speed production.
  2. 10,000 ton or larger Aluminum Extrusion Press.
  3. Set of Bending Rolls capable of handling 40.0mm thick material and at least 12.0 meters but as long as up to 18.0 meters wide.


  1. 8,000t or larger mechanical forging press.
  2. 1,600t to 2,500t mechanical forging presses.
  3. 4,600.0mm diameter Ring Roller to roll flange blanks.
  4. Hatebur, Schuler, Sakamura or Nedschroef Hot Formers (all sizes).

Bar Machinery

  1. Bar Peelers in all sizes and capacities.
  2. 2-Roll Bar Straighteners in all sizes and capacities.
  3. Combi-Draw Lines (Schumag, Danieli, etc.) all sizes and capacities.
  4. 50 ton and over Bar Draw Benches.


  1. Mannesmann Pilger Mills all types, sizes and capacities.
  2. 50 ton and over Tube Draw Benches.


  1. Wafios N41, N51 & N61 Series Hi-Speed Nail Machines.
  2. Coil to Coil Wire Shaving Line for with up to 16mm diameter.
  3. 1" diameter Wire Straightening & Cutoff Machine (Any Make) witrh Flying Shear.


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