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Up to 82" wide 3-Hi Hot Slab/Plate Mill Installation
with tilting Table, furnaces and Hot & Cold Levelers - Re:24330
Reference #: 24330
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550,000 Tpy 61" wide x up to 0.197" thick
Sulphuric Acid Continuous Strip Pickling Line Re:23205
Reference #: 23205
Manufacturer: Various Manufacturers
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28" x 36" "State of the Art" 2-Hi 2-Stand
Tandem Hot Flat Product Mill w/Down Coilers Re:22855
Reference #: 22855
Manufacturer: Bliss
Model: 2H2S-2836
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2.0 million Tpy Mesta 57" 7-Stand Tandem
Continuous Hot Strip Mill w/Down Coilers - Re:23473
Reference #: 23473
Manufacturer: Mesta Engineering
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1,260mm (49.6") wide AEI-HERR
Coil Coating Line for Steel or Aluminum Re:23827
Reference #: 23827
Manufacturer: AEI-HERR
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