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3,750t Birdsboro Open Die Forging Press with 25t Pahnke Rail Bound Manipulator - Still Installed - available now! - Re:24707

Reference #:



Birsboro / Pahnke


3750 / FM 25/64

Rated Forge tonnage:

3,750 tons

Ram stroke:




Column center distance:

121" x 85"

Pop-Up ingot turntable:

5' dia

Nip carrying capacity:

27.5 US tons

Nip tongs opening range:

24" - 58"

Nip max travel:

50 feet

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3,750 ton Birdsboro 4-Column Single Cylinder
Push Down type Oil Hydraulic Open Die Forging Press

Rebuilt and completely upgraded in 1988 w/Wepuko Oil Hydraulics including (8) RX360 Wepuko Pumps w/(4) Reliance 1,000hp dbl end motors and Pahnke designed and installed Electrics & Controls. Brief specs: 60" stroke, 110" daylight, 121" x 85" center distance btwn columns, (2) position Die System, 5 ft dia Pop-Up Ingot turntable, Operator's Control Console with some extra tooling.

250kN (27.5 US tons) Pahnke model FM 25/64 Rail Bound Forging Manipulator new 1988

27.5 tons carrying capacity, clamping moment 178 ft tons, tongs opening range 24" - 58" diameter, max forging length 39.2 ft, max travel 50 ft, an assortment of jaw selections and spare parts, as mentioned above, both machines are electronically linked & utilize the same Controls.

This line is available for immediate inspection and removal.






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