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12 metric ton Glama model GSM 120/250 Rail Bound
Forging Manipulators built new 1991 - Re:24621-22 (2)

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GSM 120/250

Carrying capacity:

12 mtons (13.2 US tons)

Load Moment:

480 kNm (173 ft tons)

Clamping moment:

250kNm (90ft tons)

Min Tongs center above floor:

1,050mm (41-⅜")

Max Tongs center above floor:

1,950mm (76-¾")

Parallel vertical stroke:

900mm (35-⅜")

Vertical tilt of tongs - up / down:

6º / to floor

Max Tongs opening:

48" sqr / 55" rds

Max turning dia of fully opened tongs:

2,260mm (89")

Rail gauge:

3,200mm (125.98")

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Purchased by TrueForge, these two (2) Glama Manipulators have been removed from service and are stored ready for inspection and shipping on request from our Buffalo, New York warehouse.

They were only removed from service because of a larger weight lifting requirement. They have been well maintained and may be inspected on request.

Speeds as follows:
Forging Travel Speed: 0 - 1,417 IPM
Transport Travel Speed: 0 - 1,968 IPM
Peel Rotate Speed (L/R): 0 - 23 rpm
Lifting / Lowering Speed: 331 IPM

Dimensions as follows:
Overall Length - approx. 36'+ (11,260mm)
Overall Width - approx. 12'+ (3,720mm)
Overall Height - approx. 10'+ (3,300mm)

Note: Net weight of each manipulator is approximately 137,000 lbs.

We will include a large assortment of spare parts when purchasing both manipulators together.






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