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36 ft 8" long F & D Natural Gas Fired
Car Bottom Heat Treat Furnaces, Re:24395-96 (2)

Reference #:



F & D


Car length:

36 ft 8"

Car width:

12 ft

Car travel speed:

38 fpm

Max operating temperature:

2,200º F

Car load capacity:

150 tons (25 tons per wheel)

Door height:

12 ft

Door lift speed:

32 fpm

Car wheels:

(6) 18" dia flanged type

Space btwn ea wheel:

13 ft F-to-B

Space btwn the wheels:

7 ft 6" L-to-R

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These Natural Gas Fired Car Bottom Heat Treat Furnaces are still installed and in operation. They have been very well maintained and are available for inspection on request.

Rail spec:
• rail weight: 105 #/ft
• total rail length: 76 ft
Complete with:
• ten (10) North American burners
• twelve (12) thermocouple ports on LH side
• three (3) thermocouple ports on RH side
• State of the Art Controls
Furnace Housing Dims:
• outside length: 36 ft 8"
• inside length: 34 ft 10"
• outside width: 15 ft 4-¼"
• inside width: 13 ft 4"






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