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1,250 ton Tyazhpressmash (Russia) AO 341 Heavy 4-Die Hot Former w/Heater & Feeder (similar to Hatebur AMP 70) – Re:24351

Reference #:



Tyazhpressmash (TPM)


AO 341

Max rated forge tonnage:

1,250 metric tons

Max part OD:

120mm (4.7")

Max part OD for Combo blanks:

110mm (4.3")

Max A/F's of a hex nut:

105mm (4.1")

Max part height:

80mm (3.1")

Max input bar diameter:

60mm (2.4")

Max cutoff length:

135mm (5.3")

Max rated blank weight:

3 kgs (6.6 lbs)

Main drive motor power:

315kW (422hp)

Machine net weight w/motor:

170 tons (374,000 lbs)

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This is a 4-Die plus Cutoff machine. It is similar to a Hatebur AMP 70, and was built new in 1999. It was purchased to be used as an "OverFlow" machine for an AMP 70. It was only used light and intermittently and when it was no longer required was sold to TrueForge. It is in Excellent Working Condition and is available for immediate inspection and delivery.

Production rate for this machine is 35 to 70 parts per minute (70 ppm).

Features and extras:
• Cast alloy-steel single piece box-type bedframe
• Exceptionally rigid crankshaft for maximum strength and stiffness
• Long over-arm ram with dual guides (front & back)
• Adjustable punch holders (vert & horiz) each w/adjusting wedge
• Electropneumatically controlled clutch and brake
• Slow speed set-up feature (10 SPM)
• Four (4) feed roll design with quick removal feature
• Bar Reverse feature
• Hi-Speed cutoff system
• Dual supported 4-point transfer system
• Cam/lever operated die ejection system
• Positive timed punch knockout system
• Automatic central pressure lubrication system
• Separate lube system for gearing, etc.
• Tooling coolant system






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